7-inch series, part 573 – Racey

Racey – Lay Your Love on Me
label: RAK
year: 1978 |

side a: Lay Your Love on Me
side b: I Believed You

7" Series 573: Racey – Lay Your Love On Me

I remember being in the third grade of primary school and performing this smash hit on one Friday afternoon with three class mates, Phil Evers, Erik Klijs and another one whose name I don’t remember. Well, “performing”. We lip-synched, of course, but we did do that shuffle they did in the video. We used this, my copy of the single and I think I was the keyboard player. We had been practising all week at Phil’s place and after the show we got a standing ovation and and girls were throwing their underwear at us and I knew then that I would be a rock ‘n roll star.

Funnily enough, their first album Smash And Grab has just been re-released as a double CD. It’s announced on the website of one of the two Raceys, the one with Richard Gower, but not on the other one. Racey split up in 1985 and then re-formed, but there are two now, both claiming to be the authentic one of course, each with their own version on how the band started. Humans and their silly ego problems.

Fun fact: on that first album there is a song titled “Kitty”, which was later covered by Toni Basil who re-named it “Mickey” and made it a huge hit.

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