7" muziq

7-inch series, part 564

Afro Soul Toasting All Stars – Be a Looser
label: Enlace Funk
year: 2008
side a: Be a Looser
side b:
I Don’t Care
It always surprises me that in a country where people, when trying to dance to some good old funk, don’t seem to be able to go much beyond jumping up and down and clapping hands flamenco-style and refer to funk as “funky” (as in “can you play a bit of funky?” or “do you have funky?” – I don’t get it. The Spanish don’t call jazz “jazzy”, rock “rocky” or even punk “punky”.) there are quite a few musicians who know how to play that thing pretty well. Better still, the best soul/jazz/funk band in Europe is from Spain yes that’s right from Spain, what? I’m of course referring to Speak Low, who by the way are going to burn the house down on Wednesday (June 10) at El Sol in Madrid – be there if you’re in Madrid, my friend, you really don’t want to miss that one.
But these guys, the Afro Soul Toasting All Stars (I really don’t like the abuse of “All Stars”, by the way), are pretty good, too. Apart from this single released as a free bonus with Enlace Funk magazine they put out a CD-single a couple years ago with two tracks as part of a project paying tribute to Fela, and more recently they contributed a track to the Repúblicafrobeat 3 compilation.
Ah and yes, they spelled “loser” as “looser”. Duely noted.

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