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7-inch series, part 558

Prince And The Revolution – 1999
label: Warner
year: 1982
side a: 1999
side b:
How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore
Prince And The Revolution – Purple Rain
label: Warner
year: 1984
side a:
Purple Rain
side b:
7-prince-purplerain1.jpg  7-prince-purplerain2.jpg
Prince – Alphabet St.
label: Paisley Park
year: 1988
side a:
Alphabet St. (Edit)
side b:
Alphabet St.
Prince – Batdance
label: Warner
year: 1989
side a:
side b:
200 Balloons
While by no means being his biggest fan in the history of Prince fans, I spent my share of nightly hours waiting in line in front of the Nieuwe Muziekhandel at the Leidsestraat in Amsterdam, desperate to get tickets for his shows, drinking cheap wine, smoking joints, listening to stories of people who were there when he played to an empty Paradiso, waaay back, or who had been to all of his so-called secret after shows and, perhaps the most embarrassing of all, in hindsight, singing Prince songs to random strangers staggering by, looking at a bunch of idiots wasting the night away standing in line. My brother Ed is actually a much bigger fan, and of these here four singles, three used to be his. He gave them to me, along with all of his Prince bootleg LPs, because he hasn’t had a record player for years and I promised him to turn them into digital files and send them to him. Hold on bruv, they’re coming.
After Lovesexy and the bootleg version of The Black Album I kind of stopped listening. I didn’t like most of the stuff he did anymore, but perhaps I didn’t listen very well – I just wasn’t really interested anymore. All that religious business didn’t do a whole lot of good to the cause as far as I was concerned and it biased my view on the man. Every now and again though I liked some of his tracks, like that “Black Sweat” track from a couple years ago, and I think the two-and-a-half albums he released recently are pretty decent – though it was the first time in years that I actually listened to a whole Prince album, let alone two-and-a-half. It’s my colleague Jas‘ fault. Jas probably is a bigger Prince fan than my brother Ed. I caught him listening to the tracks once when I returned to the office from lunch and I quite liked them.
Anyways, I still prefer the older stuff, but that’s mainly because of the sweet sweet memories, I guess. Or was it really better back then?

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Prince, das pas muziek. Al heb ik zelf alleen Purple Rain en zag ik em de enige keer live ten tijde van Diamonds And Pearls (en vele flauwvallende tieners, en zelf vond ik de aardsmassa ook niet zo prettig). Laatste album heb ik niet maar is volgens mij wel de moeite, ik ga nog maar ooit eens een Prince studie doen denk ik 🙂 Al hoeft dat religieuze gedoe van mij ook niet.

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