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Pretty Fuck Luck – A Frog in My Throat
label: Alehop!
year: 1995
side a: Frog in My Throat
side b1:
OM in the Bathroom
side b2:
Soul Blonde
Pretty Fuck Luck – Thirteen Knocks
label: Alehop!
year: 1995
side a:
King Loser
side b1:
side b2:
Raven Strip
Pretty Fuck Luck – Fuck Truck
label: Alehop!
year: 1996
side a:
Fuck Truck
side b:
Blue Job/Jelly Flesh
Three great single by a great band formed by former colleague Murky and his lovely better half Eva, who was also in Solex, a band I had a brief involvement in (more about that inthis series in a couple of months). While doing nothing really new, it doesn’t get a lot more exciting than Pretty Fuck Luck performing live. Both of them are playing in a lot of other bands now, running the Alehop! label and hosting a show on Spanish national radio (Murky – Melodías Pizarras). More about the band here.

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