7" muziq

7-inch series, part 555a

Jesus Y Los Marismas – Per el Barça serà
label: Olympo
year: 1974
side a: Per el Barça serà
side b:
El levitón
Re-post from last year. Normally I don’t do re-posts, but this time is special. What a game. What a goal. We were in a pub on Tribunal in Madrid last night, and for well over 90 minutes we had had to keep up with a bunch of Real Madrid supporters, one of whom, the most annoying and loud one, was wearing a Chelsea shirt with Anelka’s name on it. He kept singing about saying goodbye to the Champion’s League, to the triplete and all that, shouting insults at the screen whenever a close-up of anyone in any way connected to Barça was shown. And then, at the very end, the mythical, mythical Iniesta scored that liberating goal. I almost cried. I took Chelsea boy’s head in my hands and, erm, expressed my joy, I kissed my baby, I hugged Bruno and looked at Standley who stood there, giving me a hard stare for half a minute and then said “crap”, Bex Bissell-style. It was a good night.

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Ik heb niet al teveel met voetbal maar zoals je weet kun je je er hier ter lande niet helemaal aan onttrekken. Dus koos ik voor Barça als het kluppie da´k dan maar zal aanmoedigen.
Maar ook hier op het eiland niets dan blije gezichten: Los feixistos perdido… klonk het.

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