7" muziq

7-inch series, part 554

Porno For Pyros – Porno For Pyros
label: Tympanic
year: 1993
side a: Porno For Pyros
side b:
Slow Down
Apparently, this is the only vinyl bootleg ever to have been released of Porno For Pyros. It’s recorded live at Lollapalooza 1992, and I don’t think “Slow Down” has ever been released officially. I didn’t know Perry Farrell and Stephen Perkins had started PFP after Jane’s Addiction split until I heard Bas, the guitarist of the legendary Dutch band Hell Of A Smell played “Pets” on his birthday party. Weird, because I also wasn’t aware of Jane’s Addiction until one night I walked past the Paradiso and saw a huge queue outside. I went up to the door to find out who was playing and some guy I knew who apparently had that kind of power told me to come in, even though the gig was sold out. I went in and heard the last notes of the support act, a band I did know but I forgot their name now. And then Jane’s Addiction came on and I was still wondering why I had never heard of them and I was blown away. And then I bought all their records.
Porno For Pyros did two albums of which my favourite is Good God’s Urge, mainly because it brings back memories of very good times.
Here’s a video of them playing an acoustic version of “Good God’s Urge” with the Mighty Mighty Mike Watt on bass:

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