7" muziq

7-inch series, part 551

Politics Of Experience – Sorrow
label: 3Rio
year: 1986
side a: Sorrow
side b:
In my memory this band was playing punkrock. I saw them perform at the mythical Keeskaffee in the lovely town of Rijsbergen, near the Belgian border. Keeskaffee was a bit of a favourite hangout during my school years, ie if we could be arsed to get on our iron horses a cycle aaaaaaalll the way over there (it was 8 km. from where we lived. Funny how a twenty minute bicycle ride felt like going to the end of the world. Small town mentalities, who needs ’em?). It was a regular bar, but they had loads of bands playing there on weekend nights, many of them Belgian, like Politics Of Experience. Listening to this single now, I wonder why I bought it. It’s really bad. I can’t find anything on the band on the internet, apart from the mention of two releases on the highly respectable KK Records, and after that gig at the Keeskaffee I never heard from them again.

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