7-inch series, part 550 – Poets Of Rhythm/Budos Band

550! That’s a party, right? Right?

Poets Of Rhythm – Summerdays
label: Gomma
year: 2003
side a: Summerdays
side b: Summerdays (Instrumental)


Poets Of Rhythm/Budos Band – More Mess on My Thing/Budos Theme
label: Freestyle
year: 2006
side a: Poets Of Rhythm – More Mess on My Thing
side b: Budos Band – Budos Theme


I got the “Summerdays” 45 from my buddy David L. “Great track for a laidback mixtape”, he said. And so it is. On the Freestyle 7″ the German band is coupled with another great combo, from New York, Budos Band. Two representatives of the old school funk bands that have been popping up over the last couple of (well, ten or so) years. Poets Of Rhythm are also involved in many other projects such as The Whitefield Brothers, Bo Baral’s Excursionists of Perception, Syrup, The Mercy Sluts and Karl Hector & The Malcouns. Zey rock.

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