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7-inch series, part 548

Plantlife – The Return of Jack Splash
label: Gut
year: 2004
side 1a: We Can Get High
side 1b:
side 2a:
Why’d U Call Me (3AM)
side 2b:
Beautiful Babies
side 3a:
When She Smiles She Lights the Sky
side 3b:
Luv 4 the World (Why They Gotta Hate)
side 4a:
side 4b:
The Girl Said… Give It to Me!
side 5a:
Bottle of Hope (Save the World)
side 5b:
The Last Song
I got this from Dewey’s now semi-defunct (which is, however inevitable, a crying shame) record store, now a place where you can rent bicycles at very nice rates – you wanna see Amsterdam, you go and see Dewey. And while you’re at it, give him my regards and tell him I’m sorry I forgot his birthday.
I was very happy to get this box of five 45s containing the band’s first album, which I already had on 12″ vinyl. The pressing of this one isn’t very good, but hey, it’s a whole album on five 7″s, you gotta love that. And if I want to play it out I’ll play the LP, even though that’s far less cool.

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