7" muziq

7-inch series, part 547

Pitch Shifter – Death Industrial
label: Sycophant
year: 1991
side a: Bastardiser
side b:
New Flesh P.S.I. |
7-pitchshifter-deathindustrial1.jpg  7-pitchshifter-deathindustrial2.jpg
I don’t remember where I got this single from – probably from the warehouse at the now defunct record distributor I was working at. It’s the first 7″ by the band from Birmingham, and the two tracks on it aren’t on any of their albums. They changed their name to “Pitchshifter” sometime during the nineties, and the style changed slightly as well. Bassist Mark Clayden is grunting on these tracks, but his brother JS took over frontman duties on the subsequent releases. JS used to grunt as well, but by the end of the decade he switched to, err, singing, and the sludgy sound of the first years morphed into a somewhat lighter, so to speak, more electronic one.
The band split up in 2003 but still play live every now and then, even recording some new tracks. So maybe they didn’t split up after all.

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