7" muziq

7-inch series, part 539

Uday Napoleon – Crack, Crack, Crack
label: Flogsta Danshall
year: 2006
side a: Crack, Crack, Crack
side b:
Got this 45 off Chelis @ Robot records in Zaragoza a couple months ago. He was going on about skweee, which I had only vaguely heard about. Robot music. He’s been doing skweee parties in his hometown for quite a while, and I was wondering how many people would be actually dancing to it. Especially here in Spain, where most people are about as funky as David Brent. But I suppose if you mix it up with other stuff it’s alright. Like most music, really. Freestyle yu know?
I can’t find anything on Uday Napoleon on the interweb. Except in this interview in which Pavan, the founder of Flogsta Danshall, says he cannot reveal the identity of the man. Or woman.

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