7" muziq

7-inch series, part 538

Momonje Y Laluli – The Cowboy & the Fisherman
label: Alehop!
year: 1999
side a1: The Cowboy & the Fisherman
side a2:
side b1:
La vaca
side b2:
Amp Shot
7-momonjelaluli-cowboy1.jpg  7-momonjelaluli-cowboy2.jpg
I found this single the other day when I was shelving a load of books and magazines. What is it with me that I always have to keep every single magazine I ever buy, find, get? Why do I keep dragging them along with me, even when moving 2000 kilometers down the road? As if I haven’t already got enough shit to carry around with me, what with the books and records and everything.
So I found this in a stack of magazines and comics. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it before. You see, the sleeve is a kind of comic. Or the kind of comic has a 7″ inside. One with these here four tracks by the unstoppable Momonje Y Laluli, of whom I’ve posted other singles before, here and here (back in the day when I was still writing in my moer’s language).

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