7" muziq

7-inch series, part 530

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Summerlong Silences
label: Disjuncture
year: 2008
side a: Summerlong Silences
side b:
On and On (Fantastic Imagination Remix) |
I discovered A Sunny Day In Glasgow when, at the office, I had to listen to their debut album Scribble Mural Comic Journal for professional reasons. I loved it, and still do. Of course I went in search of the vinyl version almost immediately, but I only found it on American sites which charge more than the actual price of album as shipping costs. And since I’m no Rockefeller, I still haven’t got it. Chances are I’ll never get it as only a few copies were pressed on vinyl. Bummer.
The other day I found this 45 though on one of those internet record stores I am forced to frequent these days, as Madrid has very few good record stores left. It’s a disgrace, mister, let me tell you. Sure, there are record stores, but you can hardly find any new stuff. And in most of them you can’t even listen to the records before you buy them.
Anyways. I found this one on the interweb, as said. I’m a sucker for this shoegazy Seefeel-MyBloodyValentine-etc. stuff. They’ve released a few other 7s which I’ll probably try to purchase in the months to come, and I’m eagerly awaiting the new longplayer Ashes Grammar, due out in May early June, um… September.
Play this loud on your headphones. It will do you good. Oh, and if you happen to have a spare copy of that album, I’d be happy to take care of it for you. I’ll even pay for it.

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