7" muziq

7-inch series, part 528

Isis – Op de grens
label: Foon
year: ?
side a1: Op de grens
side a2:
side b1:
side b2:
Got this as a present from Margot, along with three other 45s from her family’s vinyl vaults of which I posted Marc Aryan’s “Katy” and “Un Jour” last week. Like Marc Aryan, I had never heard of Isis, and there is little, or rather, nothing to find on them on the interweb. How’s that for obscure, huh? They were Belgian and they played folk singing their very poetic lyrics in a kind of Dutch I imagine was maybe more current in their homecountry, back in the day. It sounds like Dutch Dutch rather than Flemish Dutch. If Margot would have told me they were from Utrecht or something I would have believed her.

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