7-inch series, part 522 – The Chap

The Chap – Proper Rock
label: Lo
year: 2008 |

side a: Proper Rock (Radio Edit)
side b: What’s Love Got to Do with It


Ooh I love The Chap. This is the second single off Mega Breakfast, although you can find both songs (side B is not on Mega Breakfast) on the mini-album Builders Brew. Which I have not own but soon will. Can’t believe I missed that one. What a silly bunt. Last year they played at the club where I was working at the time. I had gone backstage before the gig to say “Hello, I’m Dave and I want to buy the vinyl of your new and utterly fantastic album”. But there was no vinyl, and there still isn’t.

Which wasn’t nice.

Later on, when they played “Proper Rock” in front of a 35-piece, err, crowd, they caught me by surprise pointing at me when they said the “Dave” in “Art, art, art, don’t make no rave, Dave”. It was a defining moment in the history of Dave, I can tell you.

The B-side is a fun and interesting cover of Tina Turner‘s hit. But of course you knew that already.

Update: Got a mail from the fine people @ Lo Recordings asking me to take down the MP3s, which of course I have. Lover, not fighter, remember? They were nice enough to point me to the page for Builders Brew where you can stream the entire album (including the songs on this 45). And buy it. go on, you know it makes sense.

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