7" muziq

7-inch series, part 519

Kissey Asplund – Move Me
label: Record Breakin’ Music
year: 2008
side a: Move Me
side b:
99 Bottles (ft. Stuff Daddy + Bless 1) |
Got this 45 last December from Chelis‘ record shack in Zaragoza, along with a bunch of other singles I thought I would not find anymore. I only knew one song with her singing on it, which is on a compilation the label I work for released in 2008. You gotta love that voice. Be sure to check her album Plethora on R2 Records. It’s not out on vinyl, which as we know is one of the eight cardinal sins, but give the girl a break, it’s probably not her fault. Some labels just are like that, you know.

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