7-inch series, part 517 – Ala Maca / The Smakalites

Right, picking up where we left off. Small change though, as I have found out there are some lame-ohs out there playing lo-res MP3s in clubs. What’s up with that? It’s bad enough there’s people calling themselves DJs who’re getting paid playing illegally downloaded MP3s, but MP3s coded at 128 kbs? Have they no dignity?

Because of this, I decided to lower the resolution of the files posted here even more, to a mere 96 kbs. So ner.

Ala Maca / The Smakalites – Anana Jib / Marvelous Man
label: Achiliboots
year: 2008
side a: Ala Maca – Anana Jib
side b: The Smakalites – Marvelous Man

Fourth installment of the Achiliboots re-edits series (note to self: you missed out on number three, fool!). The man from Zarautz takes on Dolores Vargas’ version of “Anana Hip” and slices up what I think is a track off the forthcoming second volume of Achilifunk with The Skatalites’ “Man in the Street”.
Which is nice.

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