Planeet Polly 14/11/2008

New podcast: Planeet Polly broadcast of November 14th, 2008. It was my last one (Planeet Polly will of course continue), Polly herself was there and so was the legendary Mr. Oyl Butcher adding shouts and non-descript, err, comments.

The sound’s a bit rough and it’s longer than an hour as the guys from Beuling didn’t show, so we helped ourselves to an extra twenty minutes or so.

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Butthole Surfers – Kuntz [Touch & Go]
Señor Soul – Pata Pata [Beat Goes Public]
Siegfried Schwalb – High Snobiety [Showup]
Malcolm Locks – Get up Stand up [Showup]
The Vibrettes – Humpty Dump [Lujon]
Sir Victor Uwaigo – Dododo [Soundway]
The Olympians – O Alexis [Universal]
Boudewijn de Groot – Een meisje van zestien [Decca]
The Kinks – A Dedicated Follower of Fashion [Reprise]
Johnny Cash – Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright [CBS]
Robert Johnson – Come on in My Kitchen [Columbia]
Lucas & The Mike Cotton Sound – Ain’t Love Good Ain’t Love Proud [Sequel]
The Shangri-La’s – Easier to Cry [Red Bird]
The Egyptians – Party Stomp [Norton]
The Pebbles – I Wanna Be Loved by You [Planet Pimp]
The Driving Stupid – Horror Asparragus Stories [BFD]
Claude Denjean – Kiss This [Discomagic]
Hot Chocolate – Emma [RAK]
Lee Hazlewood – Poet Fool or Bum [EMI]
The Swinging Neckbreakers – Thinkin’ Man’s Girl [Telstar]
Jeanette – Porque te vas [Hispavox]
Bruce Haack – Electric to Me Turn [Columbia/Omni]
Yma Sumac – Choladas [Capitol]
Ananda Shankar – Dancing Peacocks [Fallout]
Tom Waits – Blind Love [Island]
Son Of Dave – Low Rider [Kartel]

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