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Ever since I started posting MP3 rips of my own 45 collection I’ve been getting emails from bands or people representing bands. “I really dig your blog, please post these tracks and write something about them”, so they tell me. Which I find surprising, as up until today I was writing in Dutch, and I simply couldn’t believe so many people all over the world would be able to read and understand the language which sound has been described by one of my friends as that of a serious throat disease.
I kept promising them and myself to at least try to write about them, but I just haven’t got enough time.
Today I got an MP3 in my mailbox from the good people of Domino Records USA, one by the wonderful Juana Molina, whose album Un día is coming out next week. I already ordered my vinyl copy from my local wax pusher, or tried to, because so far only the CD version has been announced. And I don’t buy CDs, because I’m a snob. I really hope they’ll release it on vinyl, because if Un día‘s only half as good as its predecessor Son, it’ll be worth every eurocent.
The MP3 of Un día‘s title track can also be found on the Domino website, as are a couple of short video clips of the interview Uncensored Interviews did with this great Argentinian singer and actress. Download it, watch them. You need it.
download: Juana Molina – Un día |
update October 7: Domino man tells me no vinyl.

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Wow, erg mooi. Ik kende haar nog niet, en nog steeds niet, maar ik ga wel efkes wat van heur aanschaffen!
Ik heb de videoclip even doorgeblogd, if you don’t mind.

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