7" muziq

7-inch series, part 516

Los Piolines – Anunciado en t.v.
label: Munster
year: 1996
side a1: Huevosaurio
side a2:
side a3:
No todo lo que grunge es una fiera
side a4:
side a5:
Yellow Fever
side b1:
side b2:
side b3:
I Am a Winner
side b4:
side b5:
La hormiguita punk
side c1:
side c2:
10 en punkitud
side c3:
I Wanna Be Kike Turmix
side c4:
El jevi no es biolencia 2
side c5:
No quiero pensar
side d1:
side d2:
Algo grande
side d3:
side d4:
side d5:
The fun we had with these guys. Their gigs were always very, err, let’s call them ‘eventful’, and they had as many avid fans as people hating them. No-one was safe for them, Los Piolines (Piolín is the Spanish name for cartoon character Tweety) made fun of literally everyone (themselves first, of course). Tis a pity they split up, would have been nice to see them again.
This double single in gatefold sleeve is the vinyl version of their debut album No quiero pensar, minus six songs.

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Oh yeah, i am very happy because this post is somethig long time expected from me. The previous oration is probably bad building because i dont write in enghlis never before today, so probably this oration will be a stupid and incogruent, buy, i like it. Todo i like it and designed this moment like the origin to a new life, new blogs and new friends. Salud.

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