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7-inch series, part 506

A Place To Bury Strangers – The Box Set
label: Vacancy
year: 2008
side 1a: Missing You
side 1b:
side 2a:
I Know I’ll See You
side 2b:
Half Awake
side 3a:
side 3b:
Run around |
7-aplcetbs-boxset0.jpg  7-aplcetbs-boxset1.jpg
7-aplcetbs-boxset2.jpg  7-aplcetbs-boxset3.jpg
A Place To Bury Strangers – I Know I’ll See You
label: Rocket Girl
year: 2008
side a:
I Know I’ll See You
side b:
I Know I’ll See You (Clapp Remix)
7-aplacetbs-iknow1.jpg  7-aplacetbs-iknow2.jpg
I saw these guys perform at the De Nachten fest where I was working last weekend – one of the few artists I actually could see. That’s the thing about working for a promotor – you spend months preparing and promoting an event, and when it actually takes place you can’t really enjoy it because you’re working. Nag nag nag.
Anyways, saw these guys and they were awesome, except for the vocals not sounding quite the way they should – too dry, with no effects on them whatsoever. But the noise was good. Really, really loud, although the boys in the band wanted to crank it up to 116dBs (100 dBs was the maximum at the place and “A dangerous sound is anything that is 85 dB or higher” – they’re called “the loudest band of New York City” for something). The Jesus And Mary Chain meets My Bloody Valentine meets
Spacemen 3
. Lovely. Spent every euro I had in my pocket on the box set, “I Know” single and the self-titled album which is a double LP with one black and one orange vinyl. “I Know I’ll See You” is also available on purple vinyl. I’m afraid that if I had had five euros more I would have bought that as well. I am quite idiotic like that. But I hadn’t, so no harm done. Good thing I could get my drinks for free though.

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