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7-inch series, part 505

Liz Phair – Carnivore
label: Minty Fresh
year: 1993
side a: Carnivore
side b:
Carnivore (Raw) |
7-phairliz-carnivore1.jpg  7-phairliz-carnivore2.jpg
Liz Phair – Supernova
label: Matador
year: 1994
side a:
side b:
Combo Platter
7-phairliz-supernova1.jpg  7-phairliz-supernova2.jpg
Liz Phair was one of the coolest dudettes around back in the day. I loved her album Exile in Guyville – good lyrics, good music. Saw her live and that too was great. Then came Whip-Smart, which featured “Supernova”, and after that I kind of lost interest. A couple of years ago she released a self-titled album which I didn’t like at all – she sounded way too smooth for my liking and the promotional photos portrayed her like some kind of over-aged Britney-like schoolgirl, which I found a bit embarrassing. I haven’t heard Somebody’s Miracle.
Exile in Guyville has just been re-issued – if you don’t own it yet, go get it it’s worth it.

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hi! i cant seem to download combo platter : ( would you be able to send it to be at all please? ive been waiting to hear that song for so long!

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