7" muziq

7-inch series, part 504

Lee Perry – I Am the Upsetter – The Rare Sevens Box Set
label: Trojan
year: 2005
side 1a: King Iwah – Give Me Power
side 1b:
The Upsetters – The Tackro
side 2a:
Leo Graham – News Flash
side 2b:
The Upsetters – Flashing Echo
side 3a:
The Upsetters – Bathroom Skank
side 3b:
The Upsetters – One Room Skank
side 4a:
The Upsetters – Dub Organiser
side 4b:
The Upsetters – Bucky Skank
side 5a:
The Upsetters – Stay Dread
side 5b:
The Upsetters – Kingdom of Dub
side 6a:
Eric Donaldson – Stand up
side 6b:
The Upsetters – Dub fa Ya Rights
side 7a:
Danny Hensworth – Mr. Money Man
side 7b:
Danny Hensworth – Dub Money
side 8a:
Annette Clark – Sinner Man Dub
side 8b:
King Tubby – King Tubby ina Jamdung
I got this as a present from my girl. She knows me so well. Lee Perry is a hero of both mine and hers, so it was a good gift. It’s a collection of some rare and sought-after Scratch productions from the golden era 1968 – 1978, released as a follow-up/companion to the 4-CD box set “I Am the Upsetter”. This is how I love my reggae the most: dubby, rugged and rootsy.

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