7" muziq

7-inch series, part 503

Perlitas o.l.v. Rudy Plaate – Perlitas
label: Philips
year: 197?
side a1: St. Christoffel
side a2:
E neshi
side a3:
side a4:
Juffrouw Evi
side b1:
Ik mag niet laat naar bed
side b2:
side b3:
Nos juf
side b4:
This is one of the records my mother must have bought for me and my little brother when we were living in dushi Kòrsou (I also own an LP by them). Perlitas is a children’s choir led by singer/composer Rudy Plaate. I think the most famous singer coming from the choir is Izaline Callister – check a video of her singing “Cielito lindo” with Perlitas:

The single makes me want to go back to the island of which I have few but very nice memories. Maybe I should.

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