7-inch series, part 502 – Peret

Peret – Borriquito
label: Ariola
year: 1971
side a: Borriquito
side b: Qué cosas tiene el amor

7" Series 502: Peret

Peret – Canta y sé feliz
label: Supreme
year: 1974
side a: Canta y sé feliz
side b: Mi santa


Pere Pubill Calaf is no stranger to this site. The King of Rumba had one major hit in The Netherlands and Belgium with “Borriquito” (“Little Donkey”), and a slightly smaller one with “Canta y sé feliz” (“Sing And Be Happy”) which was Spain’s submission for the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest – the year Abba performed “Waterloo”; Peret ended up on number 9.

Peret is the inventor of the “ventilador” (fan) style of guitar playing, as shown in this video (it’s in Spanish but you’ll get the picture). He’s in great part responsible for the popularisation of the Catalan rumba in Spain in the sixties and the rest of the world in the seventies.

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