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7-inch series, part 498

Pearl Jam – Alive
label: Epic
year: 1991
side a: Alive
side b:
Once |
Pearl Jam – The Fan Club Singles
label: Jeremy
year: 1993
side a1:
Christmas Time
side a1:
side b1:
Sonic Reducer
side b2:
Ramblings Cont.
I never was a very big fan of Pearl Jam. Not that I disliked them, I just wasn’t as devoted as many people I knew. I am however a little bit proud to have seen them play live at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. It’s in fact the only time I’ve seen them play. That Paradiso date was kind of a secret gig – I think they were playing some big venue elsewhere. I got in for free, lucky as I was to be working at the local radio station (and knowing “the right people”). To my surprise I liked them a lot more than I thought I would – a lot more than their records, too.
It was a short affair though. Eddie Vedder was having problems with his throat, I think they performed six songs or so, some of them half because the poor guy just couldn’t cope. I felt sorry for them when they had to stop the show – Vedder looked heartbroken letting his fans down like that, even though it wasn’t his fault.
I don’t know where I got these singles, I don’t think I paid for them. Because I wouldn’t.

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I was a fan, albeit a very short time (Ten and some obscurities afterwards). And I wasn’t at this PP which I moaned about all day long and that day I knew I had to be at the next PP (which I was). And by losing me as a fan they gained two (my brothers) so it worked out in the end 😉

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