7" muziq

7-inch series, part 496

Patrullero Mancuso – Vacío E.P.
label: Munster
year: 1990
side a1: El trabajo de odiar
side a2:
side b1:
side b2:
Hazlo otra vez
Patrullero Mancuso – Desde el más allá
label: Munster
year: 1994
side a1:
One More Time
side a2:
El Rey Bicho
side b1:
No estar
side b2:
Patrullero Mancuso – El halcón milenario
label: Elefant
year: 1997
side a:
El halcón milenario
side b:
7-patrulleromancuso-halcon1.jpg  7-patrulleromancuso-halcon2.jpg
I got to know two of the Patrulleros pretty well as they were my colleagues at the record distributor I where I worked in Madrid in the nineties. Sometimes we hung out in the suburb where they were living, Villaviciosa de Odón. Loads of bars there but only a few more or less good ones. Loads of bands, too. All of the Patrulleros were involved in several other bands and projects, and one of them, Murky, started his own label Alehop! to release the stuff he liked and nobody else wanted to put out. Their gigs were always very exciting, with all kinds of stuff happening, mostly because of drug and alcohol abuse by both band members and audience. It seems they’re still around – I hope so, I’ld love to see them play again.
The early singles remind me a bit of Ariel Pink‘s sound. Which is nice.
If you understand Spanish, check this video where comic artist Mauro Entrialgo explains where the band took their name from (namely from Angelo Mancuso, a character from John Kennedy Tool‘s novel A Confederacy of Dunces.

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