7-inch series, part 495 – Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes – This Is Not for You
label: V2
year: 2008
side a: This Is Not for You
side b: Carry Knots |

So I finally saw them the other day playing in Brussels, thanks to the legendary mista Oyl Butcher, my homez. He persuaded me to go with him and the other fellas, despite previous arrangements I had made. I do not regret having gone. Blood Red Shoes were supposed to play at da club about a year ago. We were all really psyched, but then they cancelled, don’t know why. Six month later they were famous, and last Summer they play Pukkelpoo, which brought them even more fame and fortune.

The Botanique gig was ace, even though the lady had a cold. They went for it. I bought this single afterwards, and the album, finally – I’ve been listening to the MP3 version for about a year now and I still love it. Definitely one for the yearlist.

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