7" muziq

7-inch series, part 488

Panico – Anfetaminado
label: Tigersushi
year: 2004
side a: Anfetaminado
side b:
Qué pasa wey
Subliminal Kill, the album these two tracks came from, has been playing on my WinAmp for ages now, and I can still hear it. Pity they never released it on vinyl. Got this single from my friend Dewey’s shop, where I think I saved it from oblivion. Right until the end (the physical store is now defunct) I kept stumbling upon the other copy Dewey had in stock, whenever I went through the 45 boxes. Them Dutchies don’t get it. Or at least Dewey’s customers didn’t. And now the shop is closed. But you can still get this single from the online vaults, so go on, you know it makes sense.
Apparently they’re playing in Brussels on November 15th, gonna try to catch that gig, as I haven’t seen them live yet. Should be good.

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