7" muziq

7-inch series, part 485

Jeanette – Proque te vas
label: Hispavox
year: 1974
side a: Porque te vas
side b:
Seguiré amando
As said, I used to love this song as a child. Like Lou Reed‘s “Walk on the Wild Side” it had been playing in my head throughout my childhood without me knowing exactly what it was. I don’t even remember wondering what it was – it was just there. With Lou Reed it was a tape made by a friend that made me find out, with Jeanette it was seeing the movie it was used in. The joy! I got the CD shortly after but I always kind of hoped to find the vinyl. Finally, I found this 7″ last weekend.
I wonder what it’s like to know you don’t really need to work ever again in order to pay the rent. To be able to live off the royalties of one hit song made over thirty years ago. I don’t know if such is the case with Jeanette, of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised. The song has been covered many times and it still pops up every now and then, like in this pretty funny car commercial.

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