7" muziq

7-inch series, part 481

The Outsiders – Me Song (flexi disc)
label: Monkey Business
year: 1994
side a1: Me Song
side a2: Me Song (Version)
7-outsiders-mesong1.jpg  7-outsiders-mesong2.jpg
The Outsiders – The Outsiders
label: Beat Crazy
year: 1994
side a1: Talk to Me
side a2: Lying All the Time
side b1: If You Don’t Treat Me Right
side b2: I Want to Know
I’d heard of The Outsiders of course, and I had seen their lead singer and Nederbeat icon Wally Tax play solo a couple times, but I never paid much attention to the band’s records until I moved to Madrid in the nineties. I was working for a record distributor and we had loads of clients all over the place who went crazy every time an Outsiders reissue or bootleg was announced. They’d order dozens of copies at a time. One of my best clients, Manuel from the Emily mailorder company, was particularly enthousiastic about the band. I’d be on the phone with the man for hours, mostly just naming the new titles and then listening to Manolo talk and talk and talk. I learned a lot from him about the music made in my home country in the sixties.
After a while I started writing for a magazine called Beat Generation and they asked me if I could do a phoner interview Wally Tax. So I did. It was fun, he was a very funny man. Pity I haven’t got the magazine where it was featured, because I don’t really remember what we talked about, just that we laughed a lot during the conversation.

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