7" muziq

7-inch series, part 480

Ouke Baas – Live at the Cumsucker Casino
label: Kelt
year: 1990
side a1: Jambalaya
side a2:
Crazy ’bout Your Beaver
side b1:
Save the Tapir
side b2:
Draggin’ Around
Ouke Baas – Chainsaw Nazi
label: Quality of Life
year: 1993
side a:
side b:
You’re an Ashtray
We used to scream their name at the top of our lungs. Out of the blue, without reason, just because we felt like it. “Ooooouuukkeeeeeee!” (which sounded something like “ow-ke”). Whenever we needed to rent a van or a car we got one from the car rental the band took its name from, so we could hang out of the window while driving uttering our war cry. I loved Ouke Baas. Band members had names like Fuckface and Pretty Boy, and they were noisy. I had them in the studio a couple times at Amsterdam FM – an adventure, every time they came around. Some of them played in other bands such as The Kliek and Loveslug, and the world famous Treble Spankers rose from the ashes of Ouke.
I believe the band had already ceased to exist when “Chainsaw Nazi” was released – “Cumsucker Casino” is to my knowledge the only single they released while they were still around. Ouke Baas were a live band more than anything.
By the way, the reverse-speech piece at the end of “Jambalaya” says something sweet about Karen Carpenter: click.

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