7" muziq

7-inch series, part 479

Carlos Otero – Weine keine Tränen um mich, Bella Maria
label: Polydor
year: 1961
a-side: Weine keine Tränen um mich, Bella Maria
Die roten Segel im Hafen von Napoli
Another single I saved from oblivion by taking it from its box in the cellar at my mother’s house. Apparently this was a hit in the Dutch charts of 1963. I wonder what my mum was like back then. I’ve always been intrigued by her musical taste – it’s pretty broad. I’ve seen her shaking her behind to Otis and Gladys Knight, but she also likes this really cheesy German Schlager stuff. It’s probably in her genes – she’s from Indonesia but her maiden name is very, very German. She doesn’t speak the language, though.
Anyways. Carlos Almenar Otero is an opera singer from Venezuela who ended up in Germany in the sixties, had tremendous success in Europe, Japan and South America, and is now a voice pedagogue.
There’s a video of the b-side on YouTube: clicky.

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