7" muziq

7-inch series, part 477

ORS – Moon-boots
label: Salsoul
year: 1977
a-side: Moon-boots
Moon-boots (Instrumental)
Disco hit by the Orlando Riva Sound, a German band formed by Anthony Monn, a.k.a. Schlager singer Tony Monn and Rainer Pietsch, a Schlager producer. Monn has written and produced many of Amanda Lear‘s hits, composed songs for Al Bano &amp Romina Power and wrote Peter Schilling‘s “Major Tom”.
I got the single from some second hand store in Barcelona, I didn’t know the band, just thought I should be good since it was on Salsoul. When I heard it first it turned out I did know the song. Which was nice.
Check this “funky fresh fun” video:

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