7-inch series, part 476

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Enola Gay
label: Virgin
year: 1980
a-side: Enola Gay
b-side: Annex |

My friend Gerwin (I think it was his birthday yesterday – if you ever read this: congrats old boy!) and I wanted to go to the Pinkpop fest in 1986 and G came up with the simple but brilliant idea to hire a bus for 50+ people. We could sell bus tickets cheap so we could get to the event for free and maybe even make a couple of guilders. So we did, and we called ourselves “Enola Gay Enterprises”. G made the company logo (something with wings and little lines to indicate the thing was moving fast), we hung up posters at school with my phone number on them and within days we had a bus full of people. Most of them didn’t even attend our school. It was a success, and we did it again in ’87 and ’88.

Of course I had to buy the single, even though I wasn’t really into OMD. I was only just warming up to synth bands – I was quite the rockist back then. Around the same time I saw them perform at Parkpop in The Hague, and to my surprise I liked them. There was a guy waving a U2 flag in the audience and Andy McCluskey said something along the lines of “I know we’re not half as good as them, right?” which was met with a lot of howling from a big part of the crowd. I found it touching, don’t know why. But from then on I liked them, even though I didn’t really run to the record store to get all of their albums.

OMD split up in 1989, with McCluskey keeping the name and releasing three more albums. Now he and Paul Humphreys are back together and they started their 30th anniversary tour only last week.

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