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NRA – Don’t Know
label: GAP
jaar: 1993
kant a: Don’t Know
kant b1:
Kind of Spain
kant b2:
NRA/Human Alert – Sex Sells
label: WRF
jaar: 1993
kant a1:
NRA – Sex Sells
kant a2:
Human Alert – Sex ‘n’ Drugs ‘n’ Anarchy
kant b1:
Human Alert – Die-hard Adolescent
kant b2:
NRA – Pick Your Gun
www.myspace.com/nratheband | www.myspace.com/humanalert
Oud-Hollandsche punkrock zoals god het ooit bedoeld heeft.
NRA – We’re here to fucking kill you! Yark yark yark:

Human Alert – I Hate People:

2 thoughts on “7-inch serie, deel 466

  1. oi guy !
    I’d like to put my ears on these tracks that reminds me old day, but your links don’t work ( ahref instead of a href maybe)
    It would be very kind to answer me (pleeease)…

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