Z iz for zzzzz

Een nieuwe morgen, een nieuwe podcast. Vol gezoem, deze keer.
The Emperor Machine – Bodilizer Bodilsizer [DC]
Sonic Boom – R&R Is Killing My Life [Munster]
LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great [DFA]
!!! – Must Be the Moon [Warp]
Faze Action – In the Tree (Carl Craig remix) [Juno]
Aardvarck – Cult Copy (Dexter’s Dikke Cult Copy mix) [Rush Hour]
Lopazz – Share My Rhythm (Isolee remix) [Get Physical]
Bebel Gilberto – Bring Back the Love (Mungolian Jetset Berliner Dub) [Ziriguiboom]
Pop Levi – (A Style Called) Crying Chic [Counter]
Ray Barbee – Moment by Moment [Galaxia]
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