the soundtrack of your life

Vladimir Kopf

this one defined by women coming and going, through and out the swinging doors of my months and years:
01. Serge Gainsbourg: Melody
02. Tom Waits: Yesterday is Here
03. Mercedes Sosa: Alfonsina y el Mar
04. Pearl Jam: Black
05. Masada: karet
06. Dead Kennedys: California über Alles
07. Benny Goodman: Sing, Sing, Sing
08. The Smiths: How Soon Is Now
09. Carlos Montoya: Malaguera
10. Portishead: Mourning Air
11. Suicidal Tendancies: Institutionalized
12. Edith Piaf: Hymne à l’amour
13. Bob Dylan: Don’t think twice (it’s alright)
14. Louis Armstrong: If I could be with you
15. Niko: The End
01. no one for real, more of a symbol of the mysterious and the yet undiscovered.
02. the woman who sang this cover at Poezie Circus last summer. Never heard a cover of Tom Waits before and especially not in the form of a torch singer.
03. for the poet, Alfonsina Storni, immortalized by this song.
04. walking two miles through the woods every morning back from Katia’s house, singing this aloud with no one but the leaves to hear.
05. a friend of a friend who became a date who I watched John Zorn for the first time with.
06. the Los Angeles year, or at least the first three months of it.
07. never a better song for rolling in the sack to (especially the Krupa solos).
08. two consecutive weeks in one back alley bar just to chase a skirt.
09. flamenco dancers, anywhere.
10. Irena and The Clown and Bard Hostel.
11. the same Los Angeles year again, a few California women later. (the Beach Boys never sang about the psychos).
12. I’ve probably spent more afternoon hours listening to Edith Piaf than any other noise in the world.
13. wrote the text of this song out to someone and mailed it to her just to underscore the point.
14. the first three days of Katia.
15. the true soundtrack of the love life expiration dates.