This is music


i saw heard autechre and snd play yesterday @ petrol. i had only heard the new album a couple times but not properly. as in: sit down, put on ze headphones and lissin. so i didn’t really have an opinion or feelings about it. but yesterday i liked it. the gig, that is.
we had dinner with them before the concert. well, we sat at the same dinner table. i didn’t really know what to say to them. when we drove from the restaurant to the venue, i was in the back where normally the dog is, and the autechres and snds were going on about extreme graphics and formulas and logarithms. and i still didn’t know what to say. “yeah, great video” i thought when they were talking about some car ad. but i didn’t say it. it felt like i would be breaking into their conversation if i did.
they didn’t want any lights turned on while they were playing. no visuals, no lights anywhere, not even the emergency door signs. “i’m curious how the crowd will react”, one of the snds said. they giggled about my boss’ nervousness about not having any lights on. one of the autechres said that he wanted people to hear the music. “grab them and shout at them ‘this is music!'”, he said. hence the darkness.
i’d say it worked. you could hardly see anything, the music came like a tidal wave and smothered the crowd.
still, in the back, where i was, i saw people standing on the second, smaller stage, looking in the direction of the main stage where the band was supposed to be playing. they stood like that for a full hour. watching the three of four little green and red dots in the middle whilst bopping their heads to the complicated beats.
it was even weirder than seeing a crowd watch a dj playing a bunch of records.