Someone’s gonna get their teeth kicked in (manner of speaking)

Last night I was tricked into doing something I didn’t want to do. The perp abused my good nature to an extent I still find pretty hard to believe. As I was telling a good friend this morning, I felt like Christopher Walken in that True Romance scene where Dennis Hopper tells him, a somewhat racist mob counsel of Sicilian descent, that Sicilians have “nigger blood pumpin’ through their hearts” (RealAudio file). Walken is astonished. The cheek of the old man! It is so offending to him all he can do is laugh.
Well, that and put three bullets in Hopper’s head.
Which is what I did.
But, contrary to popular belief, I am a man of honour, and I seek revenge. His ass will be mine.
The man kind of apologised. My rage has vanished, like tears in the rain.