the soundtrack of your life

joerg dollmaier

1. bon jovi – wanted (dead or alive)
2. skid row – 18 & life
3. biz markie – just a friend
4. run dmc – it’s tricky
5. chris isaac – wicked game
6. bush – glycerine
7. dion – the wanderer
8. paula abdul – rush, rush
9. natalie merchant – kind & generous
10. smashing pumpkins – disarm
11. the pogues – young ned of the hill
12. dr. dre – nuthin’ but a g thang
13. ac/dc – ride on
14. ricky nelson – travellin’ man
1. there was this exchange student from finland. mikka. at his first party we listened solely to bon jovi, skid row and hanoi rocks. i recall that bon jovi’s ‘wanted’ was playing while i was lying on the grass in the front yard of his parents house after i puked.
i wanted to be a cowboy.
2. mikka’s taste of music took possession of me. it must have been at the time in which growing children start smoking their first cigarettes at playgrounds in the neighborhood. just like we did.
i wanted to be a rebel.
3. i remember that biz’s music was on at a party of a friend of mine, while we tried to fill ourselves up with alcohol, playing stupid drinking games. the girlfriend of another friend of mine became his ex-girlfriend that night, and i am still sure i could have started something with her, if the ex-boyfriend hadn’t asked me not to do so.
i just wanted to be a friend.
4. a friend of mine built a quarterpipe in the garage of his parent’s house. it was a sunny day and we asked all neighbours if it would be okay to place the quarterpipe on the road as we wanted to skate a bit. no-one had any concerns. shortly after the quarterpipe was set up, his mom ordered us to remove it immediately. we sat in his room and felt offended.
i wanted to be a pro skater.
5. after i saw sailor lighting a cigarette in ‘wild at heart’ while ‘wicked game’ was playing i came to the conclusion:
i wanted to be a smoker feeling blue.
6. it was one of those days. i had a date and wanted to go to a party. shortly before i left a friend called and asked for a lift. sure, i said, and we drove off. that bitch fell in love with him and he didn’t care about me, even though he knew i had a crush on her. the party was over and i drove ’em both home.
i wanted to be a broken-hearted rocker.
7. richie was cool. he was the leader of the wanderers and got all the chicks. the gang listened to him. richie was strong and brave.
i wanted to be a wanderer.
8. another date, another girl i wanted knowing i’d never get her. we went out. at the time she had a boyfriend. her friend was with us, but that was okay. they started altercating and we drove home. the streets were dark and almost deserted. she stared out of the left window, he did so out of the right, on the backseat of my car. no words were spoken. i listened to ‘rush, rush’ and wished she’d be mine.
i wanted to be a taxi driver.
9. their relationship ended. she called me one day and was pretty dejected. i took her out to a showcase. vast – visual audio sensory theater. the gig took place under the arches of an old church. we talked, we drank and we were the last to leave. I spent the night with her and shared breakfast the next morning.
i wanted to be her boyfriend.
10. i behaved like an asshole and ruined the relationship.
i wanted to be alone.
11. every time when i’m feeling blue i listen to this song. don’t have a clue why. i’m not irish, nor do i have any reason to hate oliver cromwell. maybe it’s the battlesome character of the tune, which encourages me to go on.
i wanted to be the young ned of the hill.
12. i bought ‘tha chronic’ on tape in a small skate shop in kokomo, ind. i listened to it on my way to the liquor store.
i wanted to be a small town criminal.
13. i believe that there is no better song, for driving home after a long night. the first rays of light touch the ground and you know that you’ll be home soon.
i wanted to drive home.
14. florida, sun, beach and palm trees. u92.5 fm oldies radio was on and i drove to tarpon springs in a rented chevy blazer. i sat in the car, smoked and stared at the lovely scenery. i was happy.
i wanted it to be like that forever.