So yeah, something barfed here this morning. You probably haven’t even noticed. But all of a sudden the index page was footsy.
Started fiddling about a bit with WordPress as an alternative but I need more time. The template stuff seems pretty complicated to me. Which is weird, as the rest seems pretty easy. Maybe it’s me.
Anyway, another hero (2nd from the right) has gone up in smoke. I interviewed him a couple years ago for a Spanish magazine, he sounded like fun. But I mostly remember that he was complaining a lot about everything.
A bit like me. Only not about music. I complain about Ajax (although there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel), about Barça losing to fuckin’ Madrid, about that annoying little man Mourinho getting his anti-football playing team into the semi-finals of the CL, about PSV who seem to be untouchable, about the Dutch footy being broadcast on some new channel that we can’t get here in Belgium unless we get one of those ridiculous satellite dishes, so I’m doomed to watch Belgian footy. Which I won’t because it’s boring. I complain a lot about the footy, basically.
But not about music. There’s some good music out this year: Death From Above 1979’s You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine , Edan’s Beauty and the Beat, Solex‘s 3/4, Vitalic’s OK Cowboy, Adult.’s D.U.M.E., Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s The Doldrums being my favs at the moment.
I’m also not complaining about the new place. It’s beautiful, shiny and big and, now that I’m pretty much used to the sounds it makes, sounds nice as well. It’s an old place, many people have undoubtedly died here, so there’s a lot of screeching and ticking and stuff going on at night. They’re not mice, I’m pretty sure.
Still have to get the records in place though. I thought about writing some stuff about the first records I ever bought/got. I thought about writing some stuff period. Which is as far as I get these days, thinking about writing.
In Spain I used to know this woman named Paz, she was convinced JPII would be the last ever pope, as, according to her, old Nozzy had said so, sort of. I didn’t check, never bothered to read all that. But I wonder what Paz is thinking now.
Then again, Paz also said that there’s people recording words that have been said centuries ago as, again, according to her, they are still floating through the air, you just have to find them. And that they were rewriting the bible using those recordings. The true story, first hand, so to speak.
Apart from thinking about writing, I’m also thinking about redesigning this. I have a new machine now with a big screen and now I don’t like the way chezluba looks anymore. Maybe centering the content field will help. One thing I don’t like about the WordPress is that all the WP blogs look alike, which makes me think I’m not the only one who finds the template stuff complicated.
The point of all this? None, ma’am. Just to let you know I’m still here. Hi.