wat ‘appan?

So this site has been offline for a couple days. Again. So was my mail server. Dunno what happened, something prolly barfed when them boys over at JaguarPC were doing their maintenance. Whatever.
Not that I was really able to post anything here, ‘cept for some ads. I have been ridiculously busy in the past couple weeks, writing and translating the booklet for 10 days off/5 days off. As usual, I had started too late, and they had given me some vital info on a very last minute basis as well, so it wasn’t all my fault.
I keep telling myself.
As a result, ze girlfriend was (not really, but a little bit) angry at me because I spent about 20 hours a day in front of ze computah, not sleeping, taking way too heavy painkillers to make the pains in my neck and arms go away. Now my back is fucked and if I spend more than an hour in front of the screen I get dizzy and some guy inside my head starts banging my skull because he wants to get out. Well, he can’t.
Anywayz, it’s almost over now, there’s just a wee bit of work left. In about a week and a half ze girlfriend and I are off to the no doubt lovely island of Sardegna. First we’re going to visit ze friend in Genova (oh yeah, hey Gio, we’re coming your way), then we’re going to visit this festival in Cagliari, and then we’re going to see the countryside.
Woo! I say, woo!

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when going to Italy, don’t forget to take some Fonny DeWulf (Belgian guy who did make best Italo-disco ever as Rofo )- records along to trade for some heavy ca$h overthere

…and for all you Lubacov lovers outthere,
his knobtwiddlerness will join me onstage during the gezmataz festival on 11/12-06.
Looking forward to some funky back to back Dave !!
The boy formerly known as Johan

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