très uncool

our upstairs neighbours are a family of three: mom, dad and fourteen year old daughter. the wife and i still ask ourselves what they were thinking – i mean, the apartment is big and all, but to live there with your kid must be a nightmare, and to live there with your parents must be hell.
so the kid plays loud teenage music with a corporately generated “edge”, ie good charlotte, pink, and that canadian chick whose name i forgot, she sings about skater boys and that. i can live with that.
but the parents. my god, the parents. i don’t know, i think it’s the daddy. he looks like a person who plays god awful eighties music. our previous upstairs neighbours said that the parents stated upon moving in: “we want to go out at night, that’s why we’re moving back to the city.” they’re in their forties, and the daddy looks like he’s had a couple drinks and beatings too many. so i suppose they’re people who have lived in the fast lane during the mid-seventies and eighties [i don’t know, it’s just an assumption – i have never spoken to them and they ignore my “hello”‘s when i meet them on the stairs]. and i guess they miss those good old days, when shoulder pads, leg warmers and big hairdo’s could be worn without being laughed at … oh wait, i mean, the first time around, you know, when people did that without borrowing the parents’ nostalgia.
which is fine with me, live it up, i’d say. but does he *have* to play kool and the gang’s worst album ever five times a day?
i want this eighties revival to be over. could someone please propose a different revival? the sixties? the seventies? the fifties? the forties? the thirties? hell, i’d even go for a nineties revival. leave your suggestions in the comments please. closing date is march 13. i will forward them to the face or some guy in williamsburg so they can get that thing started.

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i say: let’s revive the FUTURe!
but dude! you can GUIDe them in the right direction (but still keep it in the 80s): cameo! appoliana 6! prince!
oh yeah you mean avril lavigne, alanis m’s horse face spawned that evil chixor!

80’s dark side wasn’t bad at all but I agree that Kool & Konsorts (Kajagoogoo remember?) is a sure recipe for a huge hurl.

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