this just in

Dear all,
we need your help !
Last night, 2 trombones and the huge sousaphone (and 100 YBBB t-shirts) are stolen from the Youngblood Brass Band’s tour van.
This will make it impossible to perform (tonight’s surprise gig at the AB, tomorrow’s Pure FM performance, Thursday’s AB Box gig !!) this week.
Unfortunately, on Monday, all music stores are closed. (And if open, do they have a sousaphone for sale …?)
MAYBE ANY OF YOU HAVE AN IDEA WHERE TO FIND (to loan, to rent, to buy) 2 TROMBONES and 1 SOUSAPHONE ? (friend, relatives, local fanfare artists, …)
Please call me on number below if you can help,
Kind regards,
Luk Paredis
Label Managment
Zomba Distribution Belgium

if you can help, mail me and i’ll provide the necessary phone number/email address.
Poor guys. I just saw them perform at Motel Mozaïque, and they rocked. Help them out if you can, or if you know the bastards who stole their stuff, make them bring it back, then kill them.