Me duele España

So none of my friends got hurt yesterday in Madrid, fortunately. Not even the one who lives across the street from the Atocha station. Boo said it’s really awkward over there now. People travel on the subway in complete silence.
When I saw that dickhead Aznar speaking on Spanish tv I felt sorry for the Basks in Madrid. They’re being looked at in a funny way already, but if the Spanish government insists in saying that ETA has done it, there’s going to be a lot of Bask-bashing this weekend. And they will insist, since it’s rather convenient for the Partido Popular, what with Sunday’s elections coming up and all. They’ll probably keep saying ETA did it until Sunday, and then on Monday when all the votes are in, switch to Al-Qaeda. I also feel sorry for the Arabs living in Spain right now. They’re already treated like trash, I don’t even want to think of what will happen to them if Al-Qaeda turn out to be the purps. And my guess is, they will.
“Me duele España,” the lady of the beach bar in Tenerife used to say back in 1989, expressing her fear of Spain turning into a European country, losing its identity as soon as it entered the European Community. I bet her fear got a whole lot bigger yesterday.

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Dave: entra a la weblog de Elena Cabrera: , la esta actualizando constantemente con información desde la calle, aunque claro, imagino que tu puedes ver otras noticias que nadie en este País esta viendo… Hay gente concentrada fuera de la sede del PP pidiendo la verdad. Hace unos minutos salió Mariano Rajoy pidiendo a la gente que se fuera, alegando que esa concentración fuera del PP era ilegal. Un-be-lie-va-ble

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