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My name is Bill Werde and I am reporting on Grey Tuesday for The New York Times. I saw your site listed as supporting Grey Tuesday and I was hoping you might be willing to email me some information for my story, which will run on Wednesday.
You can see some of my recent work at If you’re willing to email with me, what I’d like is if sometime between 11 am and noon, you could drop a line and let me know if A. you are still taking part in Grey Tuesday by hosting the tracks of The Grey Album for download B. you received a cease-and-desist letter from EMI and if so, if you have any comment about it and C. If you are offering the tracks for download, do you have any sense of how many times the album has been downloaded from your site? Feel free to include any additional comments, of course.
If you would include the proper spelling of your first and last name (in case I use any of your comments for the story) and your website’s url, I would certainly appreciate it. I can email you a copy of the url for the story, or you can just check the paper, Wednesday.

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