¡España irá mejor?

So Spain has awoken to socialist reality. Funny how the Spanish needed a terrorist attack to finally send the skinheads bowling, and, as a friend said, weird to realise that hadn’t al-Qaeda done what they did, Spain would still be under PP rule.

Señor Presidente

Zapatero looks a bit like Batman’s Joker, doesn’t he? Let’s see how serious he is about bringing the troops back home. dubya and his posse will not be amused.

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I’ ve congratulated my spanish PSOE friends Javier, Teresa and Jose antonio, right from the heart.
I hope they’ll keep their promises ( Iraqi war involvment ). The ultimate political wisdom is indeed to put emphasis on the role of the UN ( completely overlooked by Bush jr.). Anyway: Bush is not pleased. Will other war coalition partners follow ? I hope so. Things are on the move. I hope that Zapatero will nominate Triny Jiminez as foreign secretary. She’s very good.
I’ve participated in the quiet “celebration” last thursday in front of the Bourse in BXL. Were you around as well?

nope, wasn’t there.
as far as keeping their promises is concerned, well, they’re politicians, aren’t they? politicians always keep their promises.

One of the better jokes from the Marx Brothers was:
” People are now kindly invited to keep the promises of the politicians”.
So, I’m working in politics ( achter de schermen ) since 25 years. Enough to understand that :
– the UN is vtruly aluable and should be respected, notwithstanding all current problems.
– at the end of the day ” the majority of the voters” wins , i e has a genuine impact.
– imponderabilia have now turned into facts within trhe EU ( my political habitat since 1³4 years), thus the ultimate question is : what will the Poles do ( Iraqi War)?
There’s new hope, anyway.

Kijk :een story. Iets voor de geschiedenisboeken. Primeur.
Er was Spanje onder Franco. Daar hielden de andere Europese landen, gelukkig, niet van. De Duitsers op kop, wegens eigen verleden.
Wat gebeurde er?
W. Brandt ging op zoek naar Goede Mensen in Spanje. Een zekere Gonzalez werd hem aangeraden. Brandt zei: ” Je kan van mij heel veel middelen ( geld ) krijgen als je daar iets wenst aan te doen. Maar vormeerst een kleine ploeg, met mensen uit Cat., Bask., Madrid etc.
Dat deed F.G.
De rest is geschiedenis.
Wel via de SPD cheques.

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