I’ve been walking around this Breedster thing for a couple days now. So far, I have bonked six fellow Breedsters, two of which were males. Completely by accident, of course. I just found out that the last guy I did, by accident, is dead. I think I fucked him to death. I’m so sorry.
[I used to know this girl, who is now a pretty famous writer in Spain, who we used to call “el polvo asesino”, which means “the killer fuck” in Spanish. The lady in question had a bit of a reputation in the carnal sinning field, and word had it one of her lovers, an older man, died of a heartattack whilst playing the game of needle and thread with her.]
I am the proud parent of three kids, something that will definitely not happen in real life, and I even have five grandchildren. My parents are Elrado and Queeg, and my two brothers are the CasaMan and Snarl.
Back to work.
Ah, and since I have very few friends who would waste their time breeding on the internet but do fornicate a lot [I’m talking about myself again now], I will probably have a couple of eggs to spare in the near future. An egg is your ticket to Breedster Paradise. You want in? Leave a message in the comments.

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I finally accepted an invitation, reluctantly. I had refused a couple at first but this guy from Italy [;-)] kept sending me invitations, so I accepted.
Even though I still think Orkut is a CIA tool to get as many personal data from people all over the world as possible, them bastards.
But yes, as of today, I’m in there, too. I kind of regret it already.

heeey Luba, vandaag ook lid geworden van de breedster-orgie door Yannah. ben nog niet erachter wat nou de lol is maar als jij het weet, mag je het zeggen.

Your brother Casaman shouldn’t be confused with the one-and-only CasaSpider of course! I’m not of the breeding kind… πŸ˜‰
(Who is this Casaman?)

what tha fuck dave? I really don’t understand why everyone keeps up with things like orkut and breedster. networking is internet you stupid fucks. why does everybody fall for this kinda ehh things.
so what is breedster anyway πŸ˜‰ ?

wel I was bonked last nite.. by a male. I actually like it outthere. never now what’s coming. is boo the boo from bookless? I’ll be careful you know.

i am kinda worn out, 45 partners, 25 children. so plenty of eggs… in case anyone would want one.

>>>i am kinda worn out, 45 partners, 25 children. so plenty of eggs… in case anyone would want one

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