Over here you’ll find a dozen or so future compilations made by the good people of La Blogothèque. I’m happy to be one of them. You can register and choose one compilation you’d like to receive. In return, you send La Blogothèque two compilations of your own (two copies of the same compilation, that is). You’ll get two as well, but two different ones. So you choose one and you’ll get another two, the second being a surprise.

I have the sleeve and the title ready, but I still haven’t decided which tracks to put on it. Go on, register, you know you want to. And don’t be scared of the French words, French is great. you should learn French, because it’s going to be the main language in the European Union. At least, that’s what the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie wants.

I used to speak French, but I lost the words on my way through Spain. I speak Spanish now. Spanish rules. Have you seen that wedding? I haven’t. Friends of mine made this abanico (does that really translate as “fan”?) especially for the wedding (see pic). They wanted to hand them out on the Puerta del Sol on the Big Day. I think they should’ve made umbrellas.

Aires Reales

What was I saying? Ah yes, the Blogomix. Go on, go there.

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If any non-french speaking person needs infos about this project, feel free to ask be by email. I’m one of the organisators.
It’s open to anyone in the UE (the “old” one, with 15 countries) and Switzerland.

Die ouide foto bij blogomix 2 , dat is inderdaad het één en ander.
In 1967 ( toen was ik 13 ) kwam er bij ons thuis net hetzelfde HiFi – apparaat binnen. Een Telefunken. Het is aan dat hemels apparaat dat ik mijn hele vroege muziekkennis te danken heb.

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